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English Ministry Staff

Reverend David Chen
Email – [email protected]

David is married to the beautiful Tammy and has two awesome children. They have been at EFCA for the past 10.5 years and has been involved in youth ministry, but has taken on the role of serving the adults.

David grew up in a home where he never went to church. He thought that Christians were a bunch of hypocrites. On one weekend when he was about 7 years old he stayed at his grandparents place who were devoted Christians. They took him to church and was the worse experience ever. Boring hymns, people dressed in suits, and a preacher that he couldn’t understand. He vowed never to go back to that church ever again. Years past through high school and uni, until his close cousin invited him to a lunch where someone was going to share about Jesus. He didn’t want to go but went just to please her. It was good food and people were friendly but that was the extent of it all. A month later that same cousin invited him to church- the same church that he vowed never to go to again! But by God’s grace he went along to the evening service and was blown away by the fact that people wore normal clothes, sang songs that were contemporary, hearing the Word of God that was understandable, and the people were warm and embracing. He kept going along and several months later he understood from reading the Bible what Jesus had done by dying for him. That was more than 20 years ago. Praise be to God.

It’ll be awesome to have you along to our church to meet you in person.


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